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Wives and daughters of martyrs, and acts of citizenship

Saeidi, S. (2010). “Creating the Islamic Republic of Iran: wives and daughters of martyrs, and acts of citizenship.” Citizenship Studies 14(2): 113-126. This paper develops a notion of citizenship which accounts for interruptions of, and compliances with, routines in governance. It applies the concept beyond a legal status and electoral practice to decipher how everyday encounters with the state can lead to creative institutional reconfigurations. Focusing on the wives and daughters of martyrs from the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), this paper poses ideologically committed contestation and collaborations with national structures of power as acts of citizenship. With particular attention to temporality and constructive uses of memory, this discussion introduces a governing technique created and utilised by women to remake the state as they assert a self-determined citizenry status.


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